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Samsung’s future S Voice app looks like Siri, again
by: Jaime Rivera, 01/30/14
Android / iOS
The Siri Effect: Why Android Needs A Better Voice Interface
by: Michael Fisher, 01/03/13
A Week Without A Keyboard (Android Edition)
by: Michael Fisher, 08/07/12
The Case For Voice Control On Mobile
by: Michael Fisher, 07/04/12
Voice Control Is The Next Big Thing, If Done Right
by: Jaime Rivera, 07/01/12
You Didn’t Use Siri On The iPhone; Will You Use It On The iPad? (Video)
by: Michael Fisher, 06/15/12
One Day With S-Voice Was Enough
by: Michael Fisher, 06/07/12
Samsung Confesses To Blocking S Voice, Tells Everyone Why
by: Anton D. Nagy, 05/23/12
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