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Corning still talking smack about sapphire; does it have a point, or is it just worried?
by: Stephen Schenck, 03/05/14
Have you ever broken a phone? (Poll)
by: Taylor Martin, 02/17/14
Scratch-proof or shatter-proof: what’s more important for smartphone screens?
by: Taylor Martin, 01/28/14
Corning to make 3D Gorilla Glass for wearables
by: Jaime Rivera, 01/04/14
Android / iOS
Samsung acquires 7.4% of Corning, signs long-term Gorilla Glass deal
by: Jaime Rivera, 10/23/13
Android / Windows Phone
Gorilla Glass vs sapphire, Corning sees no real threat
by: Anton D. Nagy, 05/23/13
Corning Warns: Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Screens Still Damage-Prone
by: Stephen Schenck, 05/07/13
The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 038
by: Michael Fisher, 04/04/13
Gorilla Glass Killer? How Sapphire Could Save Us From Scratched-Up Phone Screens (Video)
by: Michael Fisher, 04/03/13
Sapphire Could Make the Scratch-Free Smartphone Dream Come True
by: Michael Fisher, 03/27/13
The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 033: The Great MWC Wrap-Up
by: Michael Fisher, 02/27/13
Sapphire Screen vs. Gorilla Glass: Scratch Test (Video)
by: Stephen Schenck, 02/27/13
I Just Destroyed My Nexus 4 (Video)
by: Joe Levi, 02/07/13
Corning Prepares To Introduce Gorilla Glass 3 At CES
by: Stephen Schenck, 01/04/13
Which is Better, a Screen That Doesn’t Scratch or Doesn’t Shatter?
by: Joe Levi, 08/27/12
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