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Extreme Power Saving turns the HTC One M8 into a cameraless dumbphone (that lasts for days)
by: Michael Fisher, 04/01/14
With so many devices crowding the airwaves, is 5GHz really better than 2.4Ghz in practice?
by: Joe Levi, 04/01/14
802.11AC versus 802.11N in practice
by: Joe Levi, 03/31/14
The HTC One M8 camera is awesome/not awesome: you decide
by: Michael Fisher, 03/29/14
When good smartwatches go bad; the story of my Pebble RMA
by: Joe Levi, 03/28/14
Which of the killer 2014 flagships should you choose: HTC One M8, Galaxy S 5, or Xperia Z2?
by: Taylor Martin, 03/27/14
HTC made a mistake, but maybe it’s one we can live with
by: Adam Doud, 03/27/14
HTC One M8 HOWTO: make BlinkFeed work for you
by: Michael Fisher, 03/27/14
Okay HTC, we’ve got the phone, now give us the marketing
by: Joe Levi, 03/27/14
Why would I want a smart watch?
by: Adam Z. Lein, 03/27/14
I was going to switch my iPhone 5s for an HTC One (M8), but…
by: Jaime Rivera, 03/26/14
Android / iOS
Apple releasing iTunes on Android is a brilliant move
by: Adam Doud, 03/26/14
Android / iOS
Here’s why I’m getting the HTC One versus the Samsung Galaxy S 5
by: Joe Levi, 03/26/14
How HTC ruined the best phone of the year … again
by: Taylor Martin, 03/25/14
Is Google Now what smart watches always needed? (Poll)
by: Joe Levi, 03/25/14
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