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Extreme Power Saving turns the HTC One M8 into a cameraless dumbphone (that lasts for days)
by: Michael Fisher, 04/01/14
How much longer until we can enjoy week-long smartphone battery life?
by: Taylor Martin, 11/25/13
Pocketnow Weekly 056: two hours of your tech questions, answered
by: Michael Fisher, 08/09/13
The battery dilemma: big and long or short and quick?
by: Adam Doud, 07/24/13
How to Wow Us With a Super-Long-Lasting Smartphone
by: Joe Levi, 05/10/13
I’ve Seen the Future, And Battery Life Still Sucks!
by: Joe Levi, 05/08/13
How to Become a Real Road Warrior
by: Taylor Martin, 05/03/13
Octa VS Quad: Galaxy S 4 Snapdragon vs Galaxy S 4 Exynos (Video)
by: Michael Fisher, 04/30/13
The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 040
by: Michael Fisher, 04/18/13
New Microbatteries Could Offer A Lot Of Juice, 1,000 Times Faster Charging Times
by: Anton D. Nagy, 04/18/13
The Battery Life of the Future
by: Taylor Martin, 03/28/13
OEMs, Why Can’t Any Of You Figure Out Battery Life?
by: Joe Levi, 03/22/13
Five Easy Habits to Increase Android Battery Life (Video)
by: Taylor Martin, 03/19/13
Forget the Resolution Race; Give Us A Battery-Capacity Race
by: Michael Fisher, 11/28/12
How To Maximize Battery Life on the Samsung Galaxy S III (Video)
by: Michael Fisher, 06/11/12
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