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The new Google Camera app: finally, Android’s stock shooter stops sucking (Video)
by: Michael Fisher, 04/16/14
The Waze of public transportation? Interview with Moovit’s Product VP
by: Alex Greenspan, 02/26/14
Android / iOS
Bing rewards launched for iOS and Android; Windows Phone soon
by: Jaime Rivera, 01/29/14
Google alerts of iOS Gmail bug that deletes your email
by: Jaime Rivera, 01/29/14
How to automate shortening links on your Android device (Video)
by: Taylor Martin, 07/09/13
Is this the future of typing on your smartphone? (Video)
by: Taylor Martin, 06/20/13
Microsoft Tries To Steal Android Users With Its “Switch” App
by: Joe Levi, 05/09/13
Android / Windows Phone
Is Cross Platform App Development a Good Idea?
by: Joe Levi, 03/29/13
C Lock Screen Makes Your Android Lock Screen Awesome! (Video)
by: Joe Levi, 03/20/13
Android App to Increase Battery Life Comes at a Cost (Video)
by: Joe Levi, 01/11/13
Here’s Why Windows Phone Needs Instagram More Than Ever
by: Michael Fisher, 12/28/12
Windows Phone
A Look at Data Sense on Windows Phone 8
by: Michael Fisher, 12/06/12
Windows Phone
SquareQuote: Make Your Words Pretty Before You Share Them
by: Michael Fisher, 08/08/12
Can HD Widgets Replace Beautiful Widgets as the Prettiest Widgets on Android?
by: Joe Levi, 07/11/12
Get Notifications From Your Smartphone on Your Desktop
by: Joe Levi, 05/31/12
Desktop Version