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Google teases another new look for Android buttons?

by Stephen Schenck on

If you’ve spent any time checking out Android L, either by running the developer preview, or just looking at all the screenshots and videos online, you may have picked up on the new look for on-screen Android buttons. Gone are the more elaborate designs we know now, replaced with much simpler geometric forms. But could Google have other plans for a button refresh than just what we see in Android L? A little evidence pointing in that direction has just been uncovered on Google’s own servers, revealing a slightly tweaked construction.

The changes to the back and home buttons are very subtle, but we’re more interested in what’s going on with multitasking. Rather than the isometric view we have now, showing screen behind screen at an angle, this new look places those screens centered behind the current one, exactly as we see the multitasking interface appear in Android L itself.

But what’s Google planning on doing with these button icons? Was this an early shot at what became Android L? Might this style return in time for this fall’s public release? Questions we’ve got, but it’s the answers that elude us for the moment.

Not that this will happen, but say Google offers you a choice. What do you prefer? The current look, this slightly modified version, or Android L’s row of shapes?

Source: Google
Via: Phandroid

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