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Marissa Mayer in negotiations to make Yahoo the default iOS search engine?

by Jaime Rivera on

Ever since the launch of the first-generation iPhone, the relationship between Apple and Yahoo has always been quite close. Yahoo was in-charge of powering the iPhone’s first push email service, and we’ve seen the company power Apple’s stock widget, weather, and is also an optional search engine for its mobile Safari browser. Google on the other hand has owned other defaults like maps, and the search engine you find initially, though Yahoo seems to be working on changing that.

Reports have Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer already planning on negotiating with Apple for its search engine to become a default on iOS. Apparently Mayer already has some compelling arguments prepared and these seem to be good enough for Apple to considerate the change. We know that Jony Ive is now heading the software design department for iOS, and we also know that his relationship with Mayer is quite close, so it could be that this will help the argument go through.

At the moment Google remains the most important search engine in the world, and its recent integration with the Google Now cards UI has made it much more useful than Yahoo, so it’ll be interesting to see how Yahoo can top this off if it plans to compete.

Source: Re/code
Via: 9to5Mac

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