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Samsung documents: “We need to beat Apple to survive”

by Jaime Rivera on

As the Apple vs. Samsung trial continues, more documents get uncovered that reveal the internal struggle in each company to compete against each other. As much as Apple may boast that it doesn’t care about competitors, recent documents reveal that the company is worried about how Samsung and Android are growing. If you thought that Apple was alone, you’re mistaken, and we’ve got more documents today to prove it.

Samsung America’s former CEO Dale Sohn took the stand, and in an internal presentation he shared with his team, it was revealed that defeating Apple was the company’s primary strategy. According to the presentation, Sohn stated that “beating Apple is no longer merely an objective. It is our survival strategy.” A strategy that makes sense given the fact that Samsung has been one of the only smartphone companies that actually dominates the US smartphone market better than Apple. Other previous documents even revealed that Sohn considered the launch of the iPhone 5 to be a tsunami: “As you know, there will be a tsunami when iPhone 5 is coming,” and “This will be happening sometime in September or October. According to CEO’s direction, we have to set up a counter plan to neutralize this tsunami.”

Obviously these documents don’t reveal Samsung to be a copy cat, but instead to be a company that really worries about its stand against competitors. Let’s see how this helps Apple’s case in winning the trial.

Via: BGR

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