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Apple preparing iOS 7.1.1 to deal with some bugs before iOS 8

by Jaime Rivera on

Even though the trend of “dot-one” updates from companies like Microsoft and Google has been noticeably significant lately, Apple’s way of handling these is always a mixed bag. We have seen cases where these updates are significant, but the launch of iOS 7.1 proved to be more a bug-fix update than a feature-packed one. We’ve heard rumors of Apple preparing itself for the launch of iOS 8 in June, but new rumors reveal some additional updates in-between.

Google Analytics is already showing some devices within Apple’s campus that are navigating websites on iOS 7.1.1. Sadly there are still no details on what Apple plans to patch on iOS 7.1, and the amount of bugs that we’ve detected after a few weeks of usage hasn’t proven to be significant. Obviously there are services like CarPlay that nobody has yet been able to try, but it’s clear that Apple is getting close to launching this software update to the public if there are already Apple employees using it actively.

These “dot-one” updates are usually pushed to the public immediately, and with no prior evaluation through the developer community, so stay tuned.


Source: 9to5Mac

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