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Latest OnePlus One leak offers first glimpse at phone’s front panel

by Stephen Schenck on

Yesterday brought us our first chance to check out pictures of (what sure seem to be) actual OnePlus One hardware. Well, at least some of it was real hardware: in addition to pics of an exposed One motherboard, we also saw a shot of a little printout that appeared to show a render of the prototype handset. At the very least, that gave us a general sense of the shape the phone’s contours might take, but today we do one better, with a new leak offering a glimpse at the phone’s front panel.

One thing that catches our eye straight away is that the curve at the top edge of this component appears a bit more rounded than the image from that prototype render. At least, that’s assuming that the orientation is the same here, and we’re not actually looking at the panel upside-down; with part of it cropped out, and no obvious sign of a front-facer/prox sensor, we could well be seeing what’s actually the bottom edge here – which at least seemed slightly more curved on the render.

The internal shot making up the middle of this triptych doesn’t offer much insight, but we do pick up on something new from this additional mobo shot: while before we could see that OnePlus One logo clearly enough, the text on the opposite corner wasn’t quite readable at the resolution in which our pics were available. Here, we finally see it spell out “Developed by ONEPLUS.”

OnePlus plans to formally introduce the One next Wednesday, April 23.

Source: @evleaks

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