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Samsung teases “new form factor” for next Galaxy Note

by Stephen Schenck on

Yesterday we shared with you some Samsung news stemming from an interview with company exec Yoon Han-kil, where he talked about things like Galaxy S5 sales expectations and the coming arrival of commercial Tizen-running handsets. As it turns out, Yoon had more than just those devices to talk about, and also dropped a tantalizing hint about the next Galaxy Note model, claiming that it would introduce a “new form factor” for the phablet.

Considering we already have Note phones and Note tablets, what sort of form factor might Samsung be talking about here? It sounds pretty silly to make the Note 4 a clamshell or give it a sliding QWERTY keyboard, and we find our imagination leaning very much towards curved designs. With its 5.7-inch screen, the Galaxy Round was already just a stylus away from being a Note model, and Samsung could be planning to follow-through and connect those dots.

Even if that is the direction Samsung takes, the next Note is far from an open book; would the handset’s design follow in the steps of the Galaxy Round, or might Samsung find inspiration from LG’s G Flex and reposition the curve along the phone’s other axis? What about those rumors that Samsung could be looking to employ wrap-around screens? And would there be a “regular” Note alongside this new version, or is this new form factor the only Note we’re going to get?

Samsung says to expect the phone in the second half of the year, and based on past launches we’ll be focused on September.

Source: Reuters
Via: BGR

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