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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 vs Google Nexus 7 2013 (Video)

by Taylor Martin on

Both of Google’s Nexus 7 have been renowned for being such great bargains. The current-gen Nexus 7, made by ASUS, retails for a staggeringly low $229, yet it features pretty impressive specifications and performance, all things considered.

Samsung is no stranger to the small tablet category, but the real question is: can it’s latest miniature tablet compete with the likes of Google’s budget-friendly option? On a price scale, not quite. The Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 retails for $399.99. But what about in value, performance, specs, and overall usability?

That’s what we aim to answer in this Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 vs Nexus 7 comparison! Watch the video below and leave your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom!

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