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Has Sony learned its lesson? Early analysis praises Xperia Z2 display quality

by Stephen Schenck on

Sony makes some very attractive smartphones; there’s no denying it has a recognizable design language, resulting in some very sleek, smart-looking hardware. Its flagship Xperia models have delivered top-notch specs, and all the pieces have seemed like they’ve been in place for Sony to be a really strong competitor in the market… but then there are those screens. Perhaps the most recurring complaints we hear about Sony smartphones have targeted disappointing display performance. Luckily, it appears that Sony has finally taken all that criticism to heart, and analysis of the Xperia Z2′s display output is just full of good news.

Fran├žois Simond and Erica Griffin have been putting the new phones available at MWC to the test, evaluating their displays with the help of some advanced hardware, like a spectrophotometer. With this gear they can evaluate the full gamut produced by a screen, and the results for the Z2′s LCD are good. Crazy good. Like, Super AMOLED saturation good.

That impressive output was measured without any sort of saturation boost being applied, so not only is the gamut quite wide, but the colors users see should be pretty accurate. Considering how widely panned Sony displays have been in the past, a jump this far forward is all the more notable.

z2-screen-analysisSource: Fran├žois Simond (Google+)
Via: phoneArena

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