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US Carriers can now block stolen phones abroad

by Jaime Rivera on

If your phone was recently stolen and you reported it as such, there are high possibilities that it is working for a new owner, but not one that’s close to you. Carriers block stolen phones from being activated in a very effective way, but their main problem was that these black lists of devices were not accessible to carriers outside the United States. Smartphones can cost twice as much as they do in the United States when you sell them abroad, so you can imagine how much of a lucrative business it is for thieves to steal a phone, regardless of how much you had it blocked.

That’s about to change though. US wireless industry group CTIA has just announced that they are now reaching agreements with carriers outside the United States in order to end smartphone theft once and for all. The idea is that regardless of where thieves try to activate these devices abroad, any smartphone reported will be blocked from being activated as well. Obviously this system won’t be perfect, and specially not now. The world has a lot of countries, and the list doesn’t include all of them. It’s only a matter of time before thieves figure out where the phones will work and sell them there exclusively, but still, it’s great to see that there are steps headed in the right direction already.

Have you ever had a cellphone stolen before? I have, and it was a horrible experience, but please share your experience or thoughts on this in the comments.

Via: Engadget

Source: CTIA

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