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iPhone 5s performs better than iPhone 5 on the market, says report

by Anton D. Nagy on

It has become somewhat of a habit that every new iPhone sells better than its predecessor — except the iPhone 5s, which really doesn’t have a predecessor, or it is its own predecessor, if you will — and that is exactly the case of the iPhone 5s. Apple told us this information, but we’re always curious to see what third parties think, because, you know, company issues figures are, well, company issued.

Fiksu is tracking the iPhone user base, among others, through its iOS SDK, and has concluded, as seen in the graphic above, that the iPhone 5s is already representing the largest part of the user base. At 69 days from its release, the iPhone 5s represents 8.32% of all iPhone usage, compared to the iPhone 5, which, at 69 days from release, accounted for “only” 6.94%.

These numbers fall nicely in context with what we’ve recently heard about Apple finally catching up with the iPhone 5s demand.

Source: Fiksu
Via: Forbes

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