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CyanogenMod pulled from Google Play, because Android is “that open”

by Jaime Rivera on

It seems as if it was just yesterday that we were all celebrating the fact that a CyanogenMod installer became available on the Google Play Store. As the company became incorporated, it focused on making its services easier to use through the typical channels that every Android user knows in order to make it popular. This worked, and for a while we enjoyed the benefits behind it, but sadly this just came to a dramatic halt.

As of today the CyanogenMod installer app was pulled from the Google Play Store. According to the CyanogenMod blog: “After reaching out to the Play team, their feedback was that though application itself is harmless, since it ‘encourages users to void their warranty’, it would not be allowed to remain in the store.”

Sadly everything points out to this being permanent, which is such an irony since Android is supposed to be open to everything. At times when you can install apps like ROM Manager, which I personally love, it’s such an oddity that Google changes their mind about CyanogenMod since they both invite you to void your warranty. For those of you that were left in the cold, there is a solution though. You can always side-load the application through their source link.

Makes rue you share your thoughts about this sudden change in Google’s policies. I’ll admit I’m annoyed by this change, since the CyanogenMod Inc. plan was very promising.

Source: CyanogenMod Blog


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