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Google announces details of Nexus 7 holiday offer

by Stephen Schenck on

With Black Friday just days away, you’ve no doubt found yourself inundated with news of sale after sale – it’s enough to drive you crazy, but we’ll be doing our best a little later this week to guide you through what deals are out there. Until then, we just saw Google announce a holiday bargain of its own, sweetening its already nice offer for this year’s Nexus 7.

If you live in the US or Canada (hey, at least Canada got tossed a bone this time) and purchase a Nexus 7 from Google while this deal is active, you’ll get both free shipping on your order, as well as a $25 Google Play credit.

But haven’t we already seen the Nexus 7 on sale – and with real savings, not some gift card? Sure, but those deals come and go; by the looks of things here, Google intends to keep this one running even past Black Friday, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see this offer continue well into December.

Even if you have a little time to think this one over, it’s not without limitations – don’t misplace your redemption code for that $25 credit or it will expire by April. And even then, unused credits will disappear from your account if not spent by April 2015. Hopefully, you’ll spot at least a few apps worth snatching up by then.

Source: Google (Twitter)
Via: Android Central

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