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Android 4.3 for US carrier HTC One devices not happening this month

by Anton D. Nagy on

The Android 4.3 update for the HTC One has popped up in certain regions, especially in Taiwan, and, according to some recent reports, on some lucky European owners’ devices. We’re talking Developer Edition phones, as well as unlocked version of the HTC One.

According to Jason Mackenzie, head of HTC USA, those rocking a US carrier branded/version of the HTC One will have to wait a little more for their own Android 4.3 update. Previously shared information had us hoping that it would happen by September 30, but, according to Mackenzie’s tweet, “Carrier skus coming, but will slightly miss 9/30″. By how much exactly is yet unknown but it’s reassuring to know that “the US carriers are all very supportive!” Fingers crossed it happens soon!

Source: Twitter

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