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Microsoft raises device limit to allow for essentially unlimited app installs

by Stephen Schenck on

So far, Microsoft’s been pretty lenient with the number of devices on which you could install apps purchased from the Windows 8 store. Buy an app on your Surface, and you could also use it on your Windows 8 laptop, on your all-in-one desktop – all told, you could “roam” the app on a total of five devices tied to your account. At least, that was fine for many users, but if you’ve also got a work PC, or maybe a second tablet, you’re already pushing the limit here. Today Microsoft announces what essentially amounts to doing away with this limit altogether, with plans to allow users to access their apps from as many as 81 devices.

We don’t expect anyone to come anywhere close to hitting that ceiling, at least, so unless you knock off a truck full of Windows 8 hardware, you’ll probably never have to worry about it. This change is set to take place next month, on October 9.

While this crazy-high limit will be the new default, developers will always be able to enforce their own restrictions, which might crop up for especially high-value apps. Microsoft’s cool with that, so long as devs make the details of any such limitations crystal clear at the time of purchase.

Source: Microsoft
Via: WMPoweruser

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