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Samsung really wants you to believe it’s not copying Apple with gold phones

by Stephen Schenck on

A little earlier this week we caught wind of yet another Galaxy S 4 variant, this time delivering the phone with golden accents, as has become such the vogue thing to do lately. After all, Apple introduced a gold option for the iPhone 5S, and it’s proven to be wildly popular (or at least very hard to get your hands on). Then there’s HTC, which might just deliver a gold version of the One, as well as third-party companies all too willing to slap some gold on an existing phone, which frankly – and let’s stop kidding ourselves here – doesn’t count at all. This is all creating a lot of talk that other OEMs are rushing to copy Apple; Samsung, at least, seems to resent that suggestion just a bit, and has posted a pretty defensive blog entry to make its long-time interest in gold phones clear.

For one, Samsung points out that despite the fact that we’re all just talking about these gold GS4 options now, they’ve been available in stores for the better part of this month, and certainly from before Apple announced its own gold phone.

Then Samsung steps things up a notch and starts walking down memory lane, posting all the gold (both the color as well as the actual material) phones it’s put out in recent years. This may not even be a complete list, but going back to 2004, it’s hard to argue that Samsung is just playing copycat. Alright, already! We get your point.

Source: Samsung
Via: 9to5 Mac

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