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One more candidate for HTC One Max launch date rumored

by Stephen Schenck on

Not that it hasn’t for weeks now, but with the HTC One Max hitting TENAA in China, the phablet has been looking more and more like it’s nearly ready to launch. In fact, when sharing that TENAA filing with you we also mentioned what was at the time the latest prediction for a possibly launch date, looking to October 15. We’re still in the same general ballpark, but now another source is stepping forward with an alternate date, suggesting the One Max could go public on October 17, instead.

While a new date doesn’t exactly help us confirm things any, it’s definitely making us feel like we’re talking about the right week, even if the precise day currently eludes us. Beyond a date, this source also touches on One Max pricing, quoting a figure that works out to roughly $800.

The One Max has a few tricks up its sleeve, like the fingerprint scanner that sure looks like it will be part of the finished hardware, but we wonder if that’s going to be enough to steal attention away from the higher-profile Galaxy Note 3.

Source: ePrice (Google Translate)
Via: BGR

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