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Google Open Project demo shares phone content on larger displays

by Stephen Schenck on

How many ways are there to get content from your smartphone to an external display? You can use a wired HDMI connection, or even MHL for that matter, and there are wireless options like Miracast. Google researchers have been cooking up something that’s just a bit different from any of those, a new system called Open Project.

The idea is to give smartphone users an easy, flexible way to share their screen during collaborative activities. All it requires is some special software on the phone and a compatible browser on the device driving the big screen. In order to start the process, users scan a QR code from the larger display with their phones, syncing the two up. From there, they can use their phones to reposition the on-screen window where their handset’s display will be mirrored, before locking it in place. Then, the phone simply streams its display output to the external device over its data connection.

It sounds like the important thing here is the ease in setting up the link, as well as the flexibility it offers as far as scaling and positioning the virtual display goes – we’re more used to screen-mirroring systems that attempt to completely fill the screen on an external monitor.

For now, this seems very much like just a research project, though it’s not inconceivable that we could see parts of this make it into Android someday.

Source: Yang Li (YouTube)
Via: Phandroid

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