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Apple recruits Nike FuelBand designer – maybe for iWatch?

by Stephen Schenck on

Rumors of an Apple smartwatch have been bouncing around for months, going on years, and while everyone seems to think that this so-called iWatch is an inevitability, we’ve yet to see any hard evidence of such a device. Instead, we’ve been tracking more general rumors about its development, and occasionally that’s turned to Apple’s efforts to recruit new staff specifically for this wearable project. Now word of a new hire has leaked out, and it sounds like another mind just perfect for working on the iWatch: Nike’s Ben Shaffer.

At Nike, Shaffer worked on the design of the company’s wearable FuelBand fitness tracker. Functionality-wise, that’s decently removed from what we expect a full-fledged iWatch to do, but a lot of the experience has got to carry over, especially when working with limitations of this form factor.

In fact, Apple’s already recruited other talent from the FuelBand project, snagging one of Nike’s consultants just last month. None of this necessarily means that the iWatch will resemble the FuelBand’s design, but it’s becoming increasingly clear just how committed Apple is to this wearable tech space, and sure has us wondering if its aspirations could extend quite a bit further than just a simple smartwatch.

Source: 9to5 Mac
Via: BGR

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