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The HTC One apparently owns third place in US smartphone sales

by Jaime Rivera on

This has been a tough and unique year when it comes to smartphone offerings. Companies like BlackBerry have offered a new competing platform, and still we know this has been a market that’s focused only on Samsung and Apple sales for the last couple of trimesters. HTC has been in-between these companies, trying to not fall like we’ve seen other giants fall in 2012, and to do that they’ve placed all their bets on the HTC One. The company’s future and even the future of their executive team depends on its success, and it seems that even with their shortages in manufacturing, they’ve still managed to land a significant spot in smartphone sales.

As it stands, the market is owned by both Samsung and Apple, and it the case of Samsung this does make sense if you consider that they sell a lot of everything. The good news is that for the first time in a very long period of losses, HTC is now reported in third place in smartphone sales in the US alone. According to analysts at Barron’s HTC is selling as many as 1.2 million units every month. Surely that’s dwarfed by the numbers that both Apple and Samsung have reached in the same period of time, but that still is significant enough to exceed the results of other companies for the third place.

It’s hard to tell how long this will last, but judging by the Verizon launch that’s slated for the next coming weeks and this becomes could show even more growth on HTC’s bottom line.

Via: BGR

Source: Barrons

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