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Samsung’s anti-theft “Kill Switch” rumored to launch in July

by Jaime Rivera on

As smartphone theft has become increasingly common in the last couple of years, we’ve seen companies like Microsoft and BlackBerry pioneer with security features to wipe your device remotely, or other companies like Apple who give you options to find the device without the need for a third party vendor, and with recent changes in iOS 7 to now even allow the unit to not accept re-activation after a wipe. This has left a tremendous amount of pressure on other smartphone vendors, and reports show that Samsung is already close to nailing a solution.

We’ve heard rumors in the past about Samsung working on a “kill switch” that will give you broader controls of your device than any other third-party solution could allow in the Google Play store. Some of us assumed that these features would be announced with the Galaxy S 4, but as it turns out, reports have the company pushing this service in July. If this rings a bell with Samsung’s event at the end of this week, we could even see an announcement in the next coming days and an official deployment to current devices during the month of June.

It’s still hard to speculate if this service will be any better than current solutions provided by competing companies, but it’s only a matter of time before we do.

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