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Verizon looks to be getting some limited edition Galaxy S 4 designs

by Stephen Schenck on

Verizon was in no hurry to get started with sales of Samsung’s Galaxy S 4, but after taking its sweet time, we finally saw the carrier begin carrying the Android last month. Presumably, that was going to be it, and our attention started turning to other Verizon launches, like its similarly delayed interest in the HTC One. However, it looks like the carrier could still have another trick or two up its sleeve, and a new leak attempts to reveal plans for a line of limited edition GS4 designs.

The leaked screenshots reveal GS4 case designs from firms like Kid Robot, Undefeated, KAWS, and KRINK. When choosing one of these looks for their new GS4s, it looks like users will also get the option to set up their phone with a custom wallpaper, and mention of collaborative features here suggests some social component to that, where shoppers will possibly share design elements through Verizon’s site.

This all looks very legit, so unless these plans have been shelved at the last minute, we’d hope to get official word in the near future. Our biggest question might be about pricing: will these go for the same as the regular old GS4s, or could Verizon tack on a small premium? We can’t imagine it would be much, or these could very well receive regular price tags.


Source: The Unlockr
Via: @evleaks (Twitter)

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