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Nokia RM-877 clears FCC; is this our long-awaited EOS?

by Stephen Schenck on

With all the leaks we’ve been seeing in recent weeks, it’s sure felt like Nokia’s first 41-megapixel Windows Phone model, so far known by codename EOS, was nearly ready to launch. Last week, we learned of invitations going out for a July 11 Nokia event that sure seemed to hint that it could mark the announcement of the EOS. Today we add some more fuel to that launch fire, with an unknown Nokia handset passing through the FCC that sure could be the EOS.

Nokia model RM-877 includes support for HSPA+ on the 850, 1700, and 1900MHz bands, as well as LTE on bands 2, 4, 5, and 17. Bands 4 and 17 are used by AT&T, but 4 is also T-Mobile’s, so this handset could very well be for either carrier. While not tested by the FCC, the docs also mention HSPA+ support on 900, 1800, and 2100MHz when the phone’s used outside the US.

But, what specifically makes this the EOS? Well, the dimensions make sense – we’re expecting the EOS to be a close match to the Lumia 920′s profile, and these docs give the RM-877 a face that measures 130.35 mm tall and 71.4 mm wide – pretty close to the 920′s 130.3 mm by 70.8 mm. Then there’s mention of specific testing being done while the RM-877 was attached to its “camera grip” accessory. That may not make for a clear-as-day case that this is the EOS, but we’re definitely getting that feeling.

Source: FCC
Via: WMPoweruser

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