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New theories, concerns arise over aluminum Nokia EOS pics

by Stephen Schenck on

Last week, some new images arrived that showed a phone very similar to the leaks we’ve been seeing of supposed Nokia EOS hardware, only instead of a plastic construction, they showed a metal body for the handset. We wondered which, if either of these designs we might see in the final, commercial version of the hardware, but now a number of concerns have come to light that suggest this metal phone could be something else entirely.

First up, a few new pics of this aluminum frame surfaced over the weekend, finally giving us a side view. The weird thing is, if we look at the button cut-outs, and assume that Nokia’s going with the same size controls as it used on the 920 (above, left), the “EOS” here looks like it might be a bit larger. That’s odd, because we’ve already seen leaks that made the EOS appear to be nearly the same size as the 920. This also doesn’t match the side views we’ve seen of the plastic EOS.

While that might have us thinking that this metal version could be some sort of phablet, doubts are already being expressed; a lot of these EOS leaks have come from Twitter tipster ViziLeaks, and he calls the hardware in these pics “very poor quality,” and publicly questions its authenticity.

Source: Weibo, ViziLeaks (Twitter)
Via: WMPoweruser

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