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Paranoid Android Multi-Window/Overlay Could Be the Universal Chat Heads We’ve Dreamed of

by Stephen Schenck on

You know what’s awesome? Taking two awesome things and putting them together to make something even more awesome: Old Bay and popcorn, or drinking and golf. We already loves us some Facebook Chat Heads and Paranoid Android ROMs, and have been saying that we’d love to see other apps adopt their own Chat-Head-like functionality, so it’s great news to hear that Paranoid Android is working on a similar feature of its own, and one that should work with any app.

This is very much still in development, and the video below is supposed to be just an early look at some of the tech behind the system, and shouldn’t be indicative of how things will work in the end. The ultimate goal is to have notifications from apps pop up as these little Chat Head style indicators, on top of other apps you’re in. Tapping on one would then launch a windowed view of the app that initiated the action, letting you interact with it before jumping back to what you were doing underneath.

Paranoid Android is trying not to get too carried away – don’t look for features like the ability to resize windows or move these floating apps around – and concentrating on compatibility, instead. There’s no public release that implements this system just yet, but it should be showing its face shortly enough, and we’ll be excited to see it arrive; the alpha could be out in just a matter of days.

Source: Paranoid Android (Google+)
Via: Droid-life

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