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Canada Matches T-Mobile’s $150 Lumia 521 Pricing for Lumia 520

by Stephen Schenck on

It’s no secret that we’re seriously jazzed about T-Mobile’s crazy-affordable pricing for Nokia’s Lumia 521, selling the Windows Phone 8 handset for a scant $150. As we’ve mentioned when discussing this bargain, that’s quite a bit less than what the international 520 has been going for, which we’ve seen more up around the $200 mark. Luckily for all of you not situated in the States, it looks like Lumia 520 prices are starting to come down to meet the 521′s, with Canada’s Koodo Mobile pricing its 520 at the same $150.

Granted, those are Canadian dollars, but with the exchange rate what it is, that actually ends up being an even better deal, working out to the equivalent of under $149 US. Koodo will also give you the 520 for nothing upfront if you want to go with its T-Mobile like “Tab” payment system, but those of you wanting to keep things prepaid will be still able to score the 520 free-and-clear for the same cheap price Windows Phone fans in the US are enjoying.

Now we just have to wait and see if carriers and retailers across the globe will get on board with what North America has gotten started, and get their own 520 prices down to the same level.

Source: Koodo
Via: WPCentral

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