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Windows Blue Could Arrive as Windows 8.1

by Stephen Schenck on

Been keeping up with the Windows Blue news? The forthcoming OS update has been the talk of rumors for several weeks now, and we just saw an early build of it leak out. A lot of Microsoft fans have been wondering just how it might arrive when it becomes publicly available, expected to happen late this summer. While it’s not set in stone, it’s currently looking like Blue could arrive as Windows 8.1.

That would be interesting, harkening back to the days of Windows 3.1 and 3.11, rather than the recent years of bundling major updates into service packs arriving under the OS’s original name. We’ve heard that the 8.1 name would similarly come to Windows RT, becoming Windows RT 8.1 post-update. So far, we’ve yet to see the same sort of claim made in regards to Windows Phone 8, but if that is indeed part of this Blue makeover, WP8.1 could end being quite real.

So, no Windows 9, at least not yet. Microsoft could conceivably keep Windows 8 going for several more years, with future updates dinging the revision counter up a spot. You also shouldn’t expect Microsoft to promote its software as Windows 8.1; even if that will be the official designation, Microsoft will supposedly continue to refer to its platform as Windows 8, and 8.1 and any future releases would all fall under that same umbrella.

Source: CNET

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