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T-Mobile iPhone Users to Get iOS Update as Carrier Support Goes Official

by Stephen Schenck on

T-Mobile is finally getting the iPhone, but the details of hardware compatibility have been just the slightest bit confusing. Existing iPhone 5 handsets, for instance, won’t ever support T-Mobile’s 1700MHz 3G band, but as we’ve seen, can be modified to function on T-Mobile LTE. While that trick required a jailbroken phone, it looks like official support is just a matter of days away, as revealed through a new leak.

Apparently, this Friday, April 5, a small iOS update will head out to iPhone users on T-Mobile. It will deliver features like visual voicemail support, which really emphasize the new, official status of the phone’s home on the network. The update notes also mention “network/device optimizations” and, while it’s not spelled-out as such here, that’s expected to enable T-Mobile LTE support, just like we saw done through the jailbreak mod.

If you want a full-on T-Mobile-supporting iPhone, 3G and all, you’ll have to wait until April 12.

Source: TmoNews

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