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HTC First Render Leaks, With Some Odd Button Designs

by Stephen Schenck on

What, oh what, is this weird-looking smartphone? The image above, identified as the HTC First, leaked on Twitter this afternoon. Right away, our eyes are drawn to the unusual assortment of capacitive buttons, which neither appear to match known Android nor Windows Phone designs. So, what platform does the HTC First run?

Some speculation is already pointing to the possibility that this could be the name by which the HTC Myst – the purported new Facebook phone – arrives. A tale of a leaked Myst ROM has revealed that Facebook has some grand schemes for its integration withing Android, taking over the home screen as we know it. Could those changes extend to the Android iconography with which we’re familiar, ushering in the variants you can see above?

That doesn’t actually sound so hard to believe, and circles were a recurring theme in some of the graphics from that ROM dump. That font for “first” looks pretty Facebook-y as well, right down to the color.

Facebook has its event scheduled for this Thursday, so if this is indeed the phone that will launch the company’s new Android product, we should find out for sure in just a matter of days.

Source: evleaks
Via: Unwired View

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