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Controversy Surrounds Supposed Galaxy S IV Leak; Source Comes Forward

by Stephen Schenck on

Last night, evleaks released some new images purporting to be renders of the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Given his track record, we were hoping that these might be the first legit pictures of the new smartphone to surface. Since those were first released, however, a bit of a controversy has stirred up, with the apparent source of the imagery now speaking out  and claiming they’re just mock-ups from a web designer.

Mobile phone retailer Expansys has taken to Twitter to explain that it was the company behind these graphics, having prepared them for its own site. As evidence, the company offers links to publicly accessible areas of its site where the original, unwatermarked-by-evleaks versions can be found.

While Expansys is upset for not retrieving proper attribution, the real news here is that as placeholder mock-ups by a third party, there’s little chance anymore that these are accurate depictions of the Galaxy S IV. Back to the drawing board, we suppose!

Source: Expansys (Twitter)
Via: TechCrunch

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