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Pocketnow Bloopers – Episode 3, MWC 2013 Edition

by Jaime Rivera on

MWC 2013 was crazy and boy do we have video to prove it! If you think it all goes right on the first take, you’d be surprised. Sure we could just get tongue-twisted, continue talking, and make our videos just like everybody else’s, but we strive to make each of our videos worthy of the time you invest in watching them. Sometimes we get it right the first time, sometimes after the third or second try, and some footage just misses the final cut completely because it was plain-out terrible!

In our third episode of Pocketnow Bloopers we focus on some of our fun moments at MWC 2013. Yes, it got really ugly, but we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. And don’t worry, nobody was hurt during the filming of this video.

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