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HTC One Third Color Option Revealed

by Stephen Schenck on

All the leaked images of the HTC One leading up to today’s launch showed the phone in white (technically “silver”) or black. Similarly, today HTC talked about white and black options at the event, and the same two are mentioned in the official HTC press release for the One. What’s interesting, though, is over on HTC’s site, on its page for the One the phone is shown with a third, red option.

We haven’t heard a lick about the availability of this variety, and if it might not be offered on all carriers. Certainly, limited access to the color might explain why the company hadn’t brought it up at the launch event, so possibly we’ll hear carriers mention it as they finally reveal precisely when they’ll start selling the One, sometime next month.

Right now, we only have that head-on view of the phone in red, and haven’t yet been able to check out what this version will look like from the rear.

Source: HTC

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