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HTC Gets Aggressive With HTC One Marketing

by Stephen Schenck on

HTC’s brand-new One is, at least according to the company, “everything your phone isn’t.” That’s a pretty bold claim from a firm that’s struggling to perform in a market dominated by the likes of Samsung and Apple, and the arrival of the One may be the start of some new promotional work in an effort to rise up a few spots in the ranks.

We’ve been following HTC’s work at teasing the One leading up to today’s launch, and compared to some past efforts (or the lack thereof), it feels like a breath of fresh air. We’ve already heard from the company that it needed to get smarter about its marketing decisions, and while it’s too early to say how well these efforts will affect purchasing decisions (especially with the hugely-anticipated Galaxy S IV just over the horizon), it’s becoming clear that this is a battle HTC isn’t intent to go lose without a fight.

Of course, HTC’s not alone as a boastful smartphone manufacturer and Nokia tweeted out the below pic this morning. Perhaps the timing and wording’s just coincidental, but might that be a sly jab at the HTC One and its name?

Source: HTC, Nokia (Twitter)
Via: WMPoweruser

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