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HTC One vs Droid DNA: Quick Comparison (Video)

by Stephen Schenck on

The HTC One is inevitably going to draw comparisons to the company’s Droid DNA, its first 1080p Android in the States. While they share the same resolution, there’s a lot that HTC’s managed to improve upon since the Droid DNA launched last year, and at today’s One launch event, we spent a little time taking a look at the two smartphones side by side to see how they really stack up.

While the materials may differ, both phones share a largely similar look. Obviously, with a smaller screen the HTC One is going to be a little more petite, and as a result it fits in the hand just that much better.

Looking at these two next to each other really makes the changes in the new Sense appear pronounced, and compared to the One, the Sense on the Droid DNA feels almost heavy. Watch our video for yourself to see just what HTC’s managed to do to improve on an already popular design:

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