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Pocketnow Live, Ep. 2: We’re Back!

by Anton D. Nagy on

After introducing Pocketnow Live with the pilot — a weekly recurring show where you can get in touch with Pocketnow Editors for a casual conversation about anything — we had some technical difficulties because of which we unfortunately had to cancel last week’s episode.

Good news is that we’ve managed to fix all technical issues! That means we’re back on track for another episode of Pocketnow Live, today, Friday, February 8, 2013, 2p EST (7p GMT). We’ll be hanging out live with voice and video via a public Google Hangout, with you. The session will be airing live on our YouTube channel, recorded and uploaded there after the session is over for everyone to see (and posterity).

Looking forward to spending some quality causal time with you guys!


Your hosts today:

  • Anton D. Nagy: Managing Editor
  • Brandon Miniman: Editor-in-Chief
  • Jaime Rivera: Multimedia Manager
  • Stephen Schenck: Chief News Editor

If you just want to say Hi but you don’t want to do it on air, you can now contact us at live [at] pocketnow [dot] com.

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