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LG May Accelerate Optimus G Pro Launch Schedule in Attempt to Get the Jump on Galaxy S IV

by Stephen Schenck on

Yesterday we brought you a few updates on LG’s rumored Optimus G Pro, both taking a look at the company’s MWC teaser ad, which may foretell the phone’s debut at the expo later this month, as well as got a glimpse at a picture of what very well may be the G Pro itself. Now we have a little update on when the phone might actually go up for sale, and at least some markets, it sounds like that could similarly take place before the end of the month.

So the theory goes, according to Korean site K.Bench, LG is concerned about the effect that next month’s anticipated Samsung Galaxy S IV announcement could have on G Pro sales, and in order to get a head start, might be planning to begin sales of the G Pro well in advance of that event, possibly even right at the tail-end of February.

We’re not sure how much faith to put in that idea, since the buzz surrounding the GS4 is huge, and simply putting the Optimus G Pro up for sale before the GS4 goes official isn’t going to magically make people forget that Samsung’s news is still on the way. Still, LG has been getting more attention lately thanks to the Nexus 4, so who knows; this might just be a smart move after all.

Source: K.Bench (Google Translate)
Via: phoneArena

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