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iOS 6.1 Causing 3G Problems for iPhone 4S

by Stephen Schenck on

With as complex as modern operating systems are, it’s quite commonplace that the release of a new update, especially one going out to millions of users running a whole bunch of different devices, ends up causing a few unexpected glitches. That’s especially true for Apple, with all the different iPhone and iPad models each release of iOS supports. With the recent arrival of iOS 6.1, it looks like just such a problem has crept up on owners of the iPhone 4S, upon reports coming in of issues with 3G connectivity.

Carrier Vodafone has posted a message to its forums warning users of an issue that’s come to its attention with the network connectivity for the iPhone 4S, following upgrading to iOS 6.1. The problem affects not only data but a user’s ability to make and receive calls and texts, as well.

The good news is that Vodafone says that Apple has been made aware of these problems, and that it’s working on coming up with a fix.

Have any of you iPhone 4S owners out there noticed any problems along these lines since upgrading to iOS 6.1?

Source: Vodafone
Via: Coolsmartphone

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