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White Nexus 4 Photographed

by Stephen Schenck on

Last fall, we saw some signs that seemed to point to the existence of a white version of the Nexus 4, showing up in the computer systems of a couple different retailers. Since then, though, the news seemed to die down, overshadowed by LG and Google having enough problems just getting the regular black Nexus 4 into the hands of interested customers. Now, as Google brings sales of the phone back to the Play Store, those old rumors are being rekindled, upon the discovery of what just might be the first actual photo of the white Nexus 4.

Right now, all we know is that this photo was taken recently, and appears to have been shot with an Optimus G. That could point to a source within LG itself.

Besides the switch to white, the phone’s facade appears largely unchanged. The ring around the LED flash has a new chrome accent, and both the flash and the lens appear to be surrounded by a region consisting of a slightly darker shade of white; there’s no such obvious parallel on the black Nexus 4.

We’re still no closer to knowing if this will actually go up for sale in the near future, but just seeing the phone in the flesh gives us a whole lot more confidence that it could very well be destined for joining its black brother in the Google Play Store.

Source: phoneArena

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