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How To Relock Your Nexus and Return it to Stock (Video)

by Joe Levi on

If your phone or tablet is in Google’s Nexus family you can quickly and easily restore your device to the latest, stock image. If you’ve already applied a custom ROM and don’t want it anymore, want to force an update to the lastest version of Android, or even convert your YAKJUxx Galaxy Nexus to a TAKJU or YAKJU version for faster OTA updates, this is how you do it.

Before we get started, following these instructions will wipe what’s on your device, and anytime we talk about flashing there’s a risk (albeit slight) that your device may never wake up again. Proceed at your own risk.

Next, you’re going to need to download and install some stuff. Here are the links to get you started:

If you’re more the type who likes to read instructions, here’s the official how-to from Google. If you’d like to watch it being done, hit play!

If you’d like to re-lock your freshly flashed Nexus, reboot into fastboot mode and while still in your platform-tools folder type fastboot oem lock (enter). Your device will be reset and re-locked — just like new!

As a side-note, as of this writing, the Nexus 4 images are not available from Google, and no images are available for the Nexus One.

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