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BlackBerry Z10 Packaging Spotted; Sales Could Start Tomorrow

by Stephen Schenck on

The anticipated start of retail sales for RIM’s BlackBerry Z10 keeps moving forward on us. First we were hearing dates out in late February and even March, while more recently we’ve been looking to availability sometime in the first week of February. With the model just about to go official at RIM’s launch event tomorrow, today we get our first glimpse at the phone’s packaging, as well as learn that it could go up for sale as soon as tomorrow.

A leaked memo from Vodafone in the UK reveals the carrier’s intent to start sales of the Z10 as of 5PM local time tomorrow. That certainly doesn’t guarantee simultaneous availability in other regions of the world, but it gives us a great deal of hope that we could see similar availability elsewhere within the same timeframe, or at least in very early February.

The memo also reveals that the arrival of the white version of the Z10 will follow the black one by a couple weeks, launching in mid-February, instead. That one might retailer-dependent, as a separate leak of Phones4u promotional material shows the retailer advertising that it will have an early exclusive on the white Z10.

Source: CrackBerry, The Verge

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