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Nokia Laser: Verizon’s Lumia 920?

by Stephen Schenck on

It looks like Verizon will soon be getting a new Nokia Windows Phone flagship. We’ve heard Stephen Elop hint at such a thing, and recent rumors have suggested that the smartphone could arrive quite soon. The latest to get here says that this Verizon model will be quite similar to the Lumia 920 we already know, and is currently carrying the codename Laser.

A 920 for Verizon has been rumored for ages now, first as the so-called Lumia 922. Now, apparently this wouldn’t be the aluminum Catwalk model we’d also heard about, but a separate handset, and from the sound of it one of a more traditional construction.

The Verge reports hearing this from sources keyed-in to Verizon, and while it’s not out and saying that this will be positioned as the Verizon 920, the use of hardware that’s substantially similar to that phone’s makes it sound like that’s just what we’re talking about.

As for Catwalk, that project’s apparently still on, and it could arrive alongside Laser. For now, there’s no new info on just when we could expect this pair to launch.

Source: The Verge

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