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BlackBerry Z10 Could Get Here Weeks Earlier Than Anticipated

by Stephen Schenck on

Make no mistake: RIM’s BlackBerry 10 launch is still scheduled for January 30. While that should bring us all sorts of news on just how we can expect the new platform to roll out, rumors are already looking to just when the first hardware will arrive. So far, we’ve heard a couple possible dates for the arrival of the full-touch Z10, with both a February 28 date attached to a launch in Canada, and a much farther-out March 27 for T-Mobile in the States. As we start to close in on RIM’s announcement (less than a week to go), a new rumor suggests that the Z10 could arrive much sooner than any of those dates, coming to Canada, at least, on February 5.

Supposedly, both Bell and Telus will have the Z10 in black and white color options on Tuesday, February 5. We haven’t heard anything new about the phone’s availability elsewhere, but if the Z10 really will be hitting Canadian carrier shelves that early in the month, we’d hate to think that other nations could be waiting the better part of another two months to get their own shots at the hardware.

Check back with us next Wednesday for reporting on RIM’s BB10 event, hopefully including full details of just where you’ll be able to pick up the Z10, and when.

Update: Feast your eyes on these freshly-leaked renders.

Source: CrackBerry

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