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Samsung ATIV Odyssey vs Samsung ATIV S (Video)

by Michael Fisher on

The newest Verizon Wireless smartphone, the ATIV Odyssey, is also the first Samsung-built Windows Phone 8 device to hit an American carrier. That said, it’s not the first ATIV-branded smartphone. That title belongs to the ATIV S, which we reviewed last month.

By our count, that leaves two ATIV smartphones nimbly galloping about the globe, and damned if we’re not gonna compare ‘em. We unboxed the Odyssey yesterday, and today we braved sub-zero temperatures and brutal benchmark blockades to bring you the best in smartphone-comparison footage.

In this quick look, we put these devices head-to-head in four areas: build, specs, camera, and general performance. We’ll have a full review on the ATIV Odyssey shortly, so stay tuned to Pocketnow for that – in the meantime, though, hit the video after the jump and see if bigger always means better.

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