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Trial Run of Phones Sold With No Charger Proves Very Successful

by Stephen Schenck on

Back in September, we heard that O2 and HTC were going to try doing something about all the unnecessary junk piling up in our lives, and sell smartphones without a bundled-in charger. After all, the vast majority of us already have all the USB chargers we need, not to mention dozens of micro USB cables lying around. Now that it’s four months later, we have some data to show us just how well the initiative went, and the numbers are very supportive of the idea.

The carrier chose the HTC One X+ for its test, and sold the phone to subscribers without an included charger. It was going on the assumption that something like 70% of users wouldn’t need a new charger to go with the phone. Instead, the pilot program shows that 82% of customers buying the One X+ elected not to pick up a separate charger to go with it.

Now, it’s possible that some of those intended to buy a charger elsewhere, but they would have had to be pretty dumb to do so, as O2 was selling chargers to users who needed them at cost, without any markup.

For this trial, O2 still bundled the phone with its USB cable, but we wonder how many users wouldn’t want one of those, either.

Source: O2
Via: Droid Dog

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