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Should We Believe These Samsung Galaxy S IV Benchmarks?

by Stephen Schenck on

It’s so difficult to put much faith in early benchmark figures that attempt to reveal the presence of an unannounced, largely unknown smartphone. We try to connect the dots as best we can, but we’re ultimately left with little more than conjecture. We’re going to do our best at pulling what info can be found from the latest pair to surface, supposedly revealing the international and South Korea versions of Samsung’s eagerly-anticipated Galaxy S IV.

This all breaks down to two sets of three data items each: model numbers, SoC speed, and benchmark ratings. GT-I9500 is one number we’ve seen tied to the GS4 over and over again, though there’s also a lot of confusion regarding whether or not it’s actually the GS4 or an unrelated Tizen device, and what about the GT-I9400? The South Korean model here is SHV-E300S, compared to the SHV-E210S Galaxy S III.

CPU speed is given as 1.8GHz for both models, which also happens to be the speed we’ve heard associated with the Exynos 5 Octa. That could be coincidence, and without a look at some more info, like which GPU these phones are running, it’s hard to form conclusions.

Then we have the benchmark scores themselves. Phones like the LG Optimus G and Samsung Galaxy Note II already generate AnTuTu scores up in the high-17000-to-19000 range, and these, while better, aren’t the generational leap we might have hoped to see. Then again, early hardware may just not be optimized, and the final models could hope to do even better.

Really, none of this tells us too much, nor with great certainty, about the Galaxy S IV.

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Via: SamMobile

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