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Opera Ice Gesture-Based Browser Coming to Multiple Platforms

by Stephen Schenck on

Is there room for another mobile web browser on the scene? Opera thinks so, and it’s adding a new one to its existing offerings, with the launch of Opera Ice planned for next month.

The WebKit-based Opera Ice is all about embracing touchscreen control. This means ditching buttons and menus and putting a new focus on gesture interactions. Instead of tabs and bookmarks, graphical icons will represent web pages you can move between. Navigating forwards and backwards through pages you’ve already visited will be all gesture-based.

The first Opera Ice releases will be for Android and iOS, both scheduled for February. The company isn’t dismissing the possibility of a Windows Phone app, but like so many other developers it’s just not sure the WP user base is large enough to warrant its time spent porting. A desktop version is also in the works, considering how many computers now include touchscreens, which should land in March.

Source: Pocket-lint
Via: Engadget

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